How to Select Perfect Cabinet Style in Murrieta

Select Perfect Cabinet Style in Murrieta

When the time comes to design the perfect kitchen for your dream home during your Kitchen Remodeling, there could be a possibility of making some choices while planning your perfect kitchen, few of them may impact the complete kitchen.

Cabinets among them make a fab statement & reflect your personal style. One needs to remember that kitchen is the most common area where most of the time family gather together or even friends & relatives may also gather in the kitchen during any occasion of gathering. Each element in your kitchen is a reflection of you so do make your choice to give your kitchen a personal look.

Cabinets color or the style of the door can be one of the most important decisions that you may have to make to give your kitchen while it is being remodeled as you need to remember that it is your dream home & you need to give a personal touch with your own selection of ideas.

Homeowners can also try a perfect combination which gives contemporary look with a Flat Slab Door which can be made with slab material & may have no panels. This process can give your kitchen a clean streamlined design Cabinets which can be stained. although painted wood and colored Thermo foil feature nicely in a modern kitchen.

If you are planning for a raised cabinets then the door could be the center panel raised & contoured instead of simple flat.

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Home Remodeling Tips in Murrieta

Home Remodeling Tips & Precautions


Now that you have decided to remodel your home & all the rooms after giving it many thoughts. And now you have determined to be smart & make smart decisions about it. There is a possibility that you have heard that Remodeling Contractors have not finished the taken jobs & have gone absconding, moreover new kitchens being ripped as they did not pass the inspection. Let’s make sure that you don’t face these problems as you all take precautions or you look at it that way? or look for kitchen remodelers near me

Should or should not withhold the funds

In initial stages this point does sound like a good plan at first, this conclusion arises cause you think you don’t have a guarantee that your Remodeling Contractor will finish the job if you paid him in full. So you hold on to the last 5%  funds as a guarantee.

Is it a correct decision?

Absolutely wrong, as when you say that I’m going to withhold 5% of funds still satisfying work is done, here contractor will start increasing the prices everything with a 5% increase, in short even if they don’t complete the project to the satisfaction, they still made their money in full. This step is not necessary as if the contractor has to fix anything in the end then he would do it to maintain his reputation. Moreover, if you retain 5% of the funds as it could be the margin of his/her profits & that will indirectly give him/her stress & will for sure struggle to finish the renovation of your dream home as he cannot afford to pay his overhead.

It is highly recommended to ask your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor to take care of purchasing goods & share the discounts with you. Also, this process will enable you from all the hassles of delivery of goods, the size of goods, shape of goods & even the proper fixtures.

Trusting your Remodeling Contractor can give you peace of mind & on time scheduled delivery.

When You Need Temecula Granite Countertops Who You Gonna Call?

Well i hope it isn’t ghostbusters. When you need granite installed right we hope you would call us. We install and fabricate granite right here in Temecula. Who are we you ask? We are Wine Country Stone Works. We are a granite supplier local to wine country. We have remodeled hundreds of kitchens and baths. We have years of contractor experience including hard wood flooring, tile flooring, countertops  installation and more. When you need the best in the biz people call us.

Wine Country Stone Works
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There is a reason why we are #1 and top rated in Temecula. If you watched are video above you will see that we care about your projects. We love to design and love to make you happy. You are ensured of getting the most beautiful kitchen or  bath you have always wanted. Because we are a local company that means you save too. We aren’t driving down from San Diego or Orange County. We are right here in your backyard. We stand by our work and your satisfaction is guaranteed. When it comes to quality and workmanship we can’t be beat.

Backsplash Ideas For Your Temecula Home

Kitchen Backsplash in Temecula

There are so many ideas to choose from when choosing which back splash is right for you. There is no real answer to choosing the right one but we can give you a few pointers so not just you but everyone will love your new kitchen or bathroom.

Obviously before doing anything you need to figure out what type of kitchen you want. What style is it going to be modern or traditional. After that you need to figure out what type of color your cabinets are going to be. Some people lately have been doing not just wood stains but white cabinets, grey cabinets. And even a dark blue which if done right can look very cool.

You want your backsplah to tie in everything together. You want it to mesh well with your floors and coutnertops. So something that can do that is basket weave type backsplahes that incorporate many colors. There are many types of back splashes like stone or tile or even marble. If you need backsplashes Temecula than visit our website.

Wine Country Stone Works
Address: 32140 Temecula Pkwy #105, Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: (951) 302-5500

Best Kitchen Remodeling in Temecula CA

Finding the right contractor for your kitchen remodeling project in Temecula doesn’t have to be as hard as everyone thinks. Especially when you have someone who has been remodeling more kitchens then anyone else in this area. We have created this blog so you can learn first hand who is the best when it comes to kitchen remodeling in temecula. First thing you want to do when finding a kitchen remodeler is do a little background check on them. It’s easier then you think to do a background check.

First thing you want to do is ask for his contractors license. You don’t want to just ask if they are licensed but you want his actually number. There are websites online where you can easily punch in his number to see if he is legit. Sometimes checking the license number isn’t going to be enough. When your dealing with a kitchen or bath remodeling it’s important to get references. These types of projects are not only important but very expensive. You don’t want this renovation becoming a money pit. You don’t want to be paying two times either. One time is when you pick the cheapest guy with the cheapest materials. 2nd time is after you have problems and you need us to fix the job.

With us you don’t need to worry about paying twice. We can handle your bathroom remodeling temecula job. We can make sure it’s done right the first time. We can install any type of material for you whether it be granite, marble, wood, quarts we can do it all. We have amazing workers who can deliver incredible works of art. We are here ready to give you a estimate free of charge.

Wine Country Stone Works
Address: 32140 Temecula Pkwy #105, Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: (951) 302-5500